11 years Hookah Battle VIP party on the ship / St. Petersburg

As you may know —  every year (at the end of Summer) we organize a VIP party on the ship where we celebrate Hookah Battle birthday. We are proud of our history and the fact that we were among the first in the world to organize hookah events. 

Its a closed event with access only by invitations. In this topic I will tell you how to get an invitation to this event, but first let me tell what do we do on this event.

Hookah Battle Legends Awards Ceremony

Since 2011 we have organized many events in a different counries. We have a special international rating of Hookah Battle teams/participants for all our history which we call Hall Of Fame. For participation in each event team receives points (from 1 to 10 points depends on personal sport results on particular event). When team reach 41 point — we invite them on the Ceremony.

Silver ring of Hall of Fame Hookah Battle gives the right to be the Judge in any Hookah Battle event. 

Guests of the ship can enjoy a drinks / banquet and a buffet table

As well as hookah lounge zone on the ship:

The ship sails near the place (the embankment of the «Petropavlovskaya: Fortress), where our very first event took place in 2011

The ship sails for 4 hours (this is how long the party lasts)

How do get an invitation to this event:

1. Participate in any our events collect points and be in top of Hall of Fame rating

2. If you are a hookah blogger who supports Hookah Battle before

3. If you are a representative of  a company who supports Hookah Battle before



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