What Makes A Hookah Lounge Great?

We tend to ask ourselves this question regarding when deciding to what hookah lounge to go to with peers or family. Multiple variables are added to determine which lounge to attend to. This is in my opinion on what makes a hookah lounge great. Keep in mind for different people it will vary and that is totally fine.



Let’s start what I think is the most important component to any hookah lounge and that is the food. The food to me is what gets the people coming back. The food menu should have anywhere from appetizers all the way to deserts. Appetizers should be finger foods such as french fries, mozzarella sticks or wings. They should also have salad options for people trying to eat healthy. From the cobb salad to a house salad. Let’s move onto entrees. They should include items such as burgers, chicken and beef plate options to other items. Sandwiches are optional when it comes to the different lounges regarding the crowd. I would say last but not least should be desserts. Desserts are perfect for sharing and it’s always a crowd pleaser.



Next is up is cold beverages and tea. Cold beverages and tea are essential to any lounge as most of the customers get a drink to pair with their food or hookah. We all know tea and hookah is match made in heaven. I will not be including alcoholic beverages to this list as most lounges out where I am at doesn’t include any alcohol.



Another key component to making a good hookah lounge is the flavor selection is having multiple tobacco selections. Most lounges out here carry Al Fakher, Fumari, Starbuzz and Tangiers, but the key component do they have the flavors that are listed on the menu. Lounges tend not have the flavors on the menu they have provided to the consumer and that sometimes can be off putting a little bit.



Second to last component to any lounge is the atmosphere. By atmosphere i mean is the lounge quiet, loud or mediocre. Quiet meaning that they play the music at a low volume and you can hear the person you are talking to. Loud refers to music and the people. Most likely if the customers are loud I personally would not attend the lounge. Lastly, mediocre refers to the music and cliental noise.



Last but not least is the parking. The parking is what we all struggle when going to our favorite lounge or trying a different lounge. The ideal lounge should have parking on the street or have a parking structure that way we aren’t struggling to find parking.


Well that concludes my list on what makes a hookah lounge great. Thank you for reading.

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