Interview with Fatima Yusufzada – co-founder of Panada Luxury Hookah Brand.

Let me introduce you Fatima – the CEO, founder of Panada luxury hookah brand. Made in Germany.

Hello Fatima, can you please tell a few words about you: how did you get in to the shisha industry?

We entered this industry with my husband. By the way, his name is Hasan. We were interested in coal production and doing so 6 years ago. (I laugh a lot when I remember, those were very difficult and beautiful days) Since our coal production was disrupted and we were going through a difficult period, we decided to buy and sell hookah mouthpiece sipsi. We were planning to sell and export the product we bought. We thought it would be smoother. 

However, things did not go as we planned, the place we paid to buy the products did not provide us with a hookah mouthpiece and defrauded us.)

Although it was very sad at that time, we now think that that fraudster also played a role in us becoming a brand in hookah. If he hadn’t defrauded us, we wouldn’t be in the hookah industry.

In this way, we decided to produce the hookah mouthpiece ourselves and started production. Even though the production was very difficult, we succeeded with my wife by persevering. We started to export the hookah mouthpieces we produced abroad. I can say with certainty that we started from the bottom by climbing the steps of the hookah industry one by one. Starting from the lowest product range of hookah accessories, we took part in the design, production and cooperation of hookah sets and accessories of many hookah brands in the world. We exported extensively to America, Europe and the Middle East. We have designed and produced hookah accessories for other brands in the hookah industry for years, this way has become a large school and university. We created our own brand. for us to establish. The experience we have gained over the years climbing the ladder has taken us a long way.

Can you please tell a story of Panada Hookah? How long ago and how its been founded?

Panada brand was founded in 2022 by 3 people: Fatima Yusufzada, Hassan Amin Moghaddam and Vehbi Yalçınkaya. The brand was founded in Cologne, Germany. A patent was obtained in Germany. It entered the global market as a German brand. Its story was created thanks to the dreams my dear companion Hasan and I have had for years. Hassan has a wide imagination in hookah designs and a special perspective on hookah. Since I have this perspective, we wanted to add a new breath to the hookah, a unique design innovation, and go 10 years after the hookah. He wanted to bring a new breath to the hookah with its timeless design and original stance, and we identified this with Panada. The future plan of this brand is to go beyond the hookah concept and gain popularity and stay in mind with its unique designs that will amaze the hookah market.

We worked hard and experienced difficulties during the installation phase and the launch of the product. The fact that the product had a mechanical and special design made our job very difficult. Of course, the challenge was that the product was so precise and added value to the brand. After the brand was established, it received WIPO and European patents. Globol came to the market, was well demanded and appreciated in the market. The most important point of our story is that the products of the Panada brand are special, we wanted to do justice to the luxury brand slogan. We wanted it not to be everywhere, and it is important for us that it be used in special places, by special people, be inaccessible and appeal to a special customer base, one of our main goals.

Usually its hard to find a female CEO and founder in the shisha industry. Few years ago we have made a Interview with female company leaders from the hookah industry of 11 countries 

Many of our respondents said, that shisha industry mostly represented by the male gender. Can you please read our article, and tell which challenges you have as a female company leader?

I had many good memories and funny moments in this market that I encountered as a woman. Of course, although the period was difficult at first, the market accepted me and cooperated with me.

How many employees are under your direct supervision? What management challenges do women leaders face?

In general, we have our company and offices in 3 countries around the world, we operate in Turkey, Germany, Uae and have 30 employees.As a woman, if I had received this question 5 years ago, I would have given a completely different answer, but I cannot give this answer now because you do not face many difficulties.I had many good memories and funny moments in this market that I encountered as a woman. Of course, although the period was difficult at first, the market accepted me and cooperated with me. Funny and real situation: While they were calling me, they heard a female voice and immediately asked if I called wrong.

According to our observations, the hookah industry (head of companies, influencers, consumers) are mostly represented by the male gender. Do you agree with that? If yes, does it anyhow affect your work?

No, actually these guys are so young and kind, I’ve never seen them be rude. I saw their irresponsibility, I cannot say this as gender discrimination. We are working with a very new generation and I have not encountered any disturbing behavior from any of them. But the number of women is increasing. Even though men constitute a surplus

What would you like to say to women who want to start a business in the hookah industry?

3Listen to your inner voice, close your ears to the outside, take a step, you will see, there is no doubt about it, the place you see is the right place, put all the talking aside, reveal your difference. A woman is a great power, do not give up without getting what you want, there is nothing she cannot do instinctively.

As I see on website Panada is a luxury shisha product, is that right? What is the retail price of Panada hookah?

Do you sell it mostly in retail for home smokers or to lounges?

Yes, Panada is a luxury brand that wants to create special hookah designs.Prices are currently 700 euros. restaurant, lounge and shop. Bulk or retail sales are made to individual customers. Special prices are given for bulk sales.

What makes so special about Panada hookahs? I heard you have some ventilation inhale system or something like that?

The correct answer to this is that it does not resemble a hookah set and has a special design. Accordingly 1. Design, 2. Having a motor system, Special hookah smoking quality.

So you have 3 offices (UAE, Turkey, Germany) and as I understand you are looking for the representatives in other countries? Maybe someone who will read this article might be interested in this. Can you tell who can become your representative? (like which expirience needed) And what representative should do? What are the benefits to become a representative of Panada brand?

Yes, we have offices, warehouses and companies in 3 countries. It is important that the people who will be Panada’s distributors have market experience, have a vision, and are open to working with digital marketing influencers. Panada’s working benefits, advertising effectiveness, working with influencers. Allocating advertising budget and working together, most importantly, creating high-profit and timeless new designs and breaking new ground in hookah.

Panada website:

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