Top-18 ’22 Hookah Tobacco in Russia by “Hookah Lovers” (Club24)

Every year, the biggest Hookah Community on VK – CLUB24 (with 292k followers, founded in 2007) conducts an analysis of the popularity of hookah tobacco brands.

How we calculated:

1. Conducted a general market analysis,

2. Compiled a list of those who will participate in the big survey – deciding who to remove/add (,

3. Conducted a big survey (, combined the survey data with market analysis data,

4. Sorted the top 18 in our super shortlist (

Our ranking differs from other awards in that we prevent fraud and calls for “voting for oneself.”
To do this,
1. We close the group during voting.
2. In the comments for each survey, we record the voting dynamics at the time of closing (screenshots).
3. If the number of votes for a particular brand starts to grow rapidly, while for others it does not, we adjust for fraud. All of this is important because most awards in our market are deeply engaged, where the winner is the one who pays or simply “overwhelms with a crowd.” But with us, it’s different. And all this is thanks to those who subscribe to us, those who participate in the surveys. Thank you very much!

The question voters answered was: “Which tobaccos did you use in 2022, and which ones would you add to your collection?” (with the option to select multiple options)

Instead of a detailed story about each position, let’s go through the changes.

In the top four, there’s a swap – Black Burn and Musthave have switched places. Burn continues to do marketing despite everything, and Musthave, for some reason, hasn’t released the new products that largely support its popularity.

Nevertheless, this is the group of leaders. The main one is still DS, and the last one is the light leaf from Spectrum.

From fifth to ninth place, our beloved Tangiers has fallen – I think it’s clear for what reasons. Sebero quickly took its holy place, and right behind it is Bonche, significantly strengthening both its share and position in our ranking. Deservedly so, a very desirable tobacco, but also not cheap.

A group of tobaccos with 5% of votes and slightly varying positions in the ranking. Daily Hookah (Starline) lost this position last year, and its rebranding, therefore, did not come without sacrifices.

The group of tobaccos with 4% lost Matt Pear but gained Banger and Brusko. The former made a powerful entry into the market, and there is a chance that it will show significant growth next year. The result of Bkusko here looks like a “labor” – the guys invested crazy money in promotion and got their growth doubled from last year – the share increased from 2 to 4%.

Hooligan breaks into the 16th place, and we sincerely congratulate them. Right behind it is still Adalya, but the prospects there are not very bright… And in the last position of the rating, JAM flies in with 1%.

Predictions for the upcoming year? I believe all foreign brands will leave us… What do you think?

That’s it, and see you at the next top! It’s been Oleg Knyaginin, thank you for reading to the end!

#black burn
#smoke angels



Black tabaco vai dominar tudo, em breve !


daily hookah…там наверно кого-то распяли за это в офисе дс и он до сих пор висит с выжженным клеймо starline…

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