Report Mix and Story International 2024

April 22, 2024 was our show Mix and Story International Hookah Battle 2024   




1st place: N Tombacco Indonesia + 10 Hall of Fame Points

2nd place: J Cinnamon Sato Japan + 8 Hall of Fame Points

3rd place: O Hookah Place Kraljevo Serbia + 6 Hall of Fame Points

What is the Hall of Fame?

The Hookah Battle Hall of Fame is made up of the tournament participants and brands that score the most points in Hookah Battle tournaments. Points are awarded for participation and wins, so only active members of our community are inducted into the Hookah Battle Hall of Fame. Inclusion in the Hookah Battle Hall of Fame is a recognition of true excellence and a welcome event for everyone who has participated in our tournaments.

Where can I participate?

Check our event website for information

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