The procedure of Hookah Battle Jury nomination

For our 11 years history – one of the most popular question to me:

“How do you select the Jury members of your Hookah Battle events?”


There’ve been 2 ways how to become a Jury member of Hookah Battle event:

1. Regular be the contestant of our different competitions, collect points for each event and reach 41 points in our Hall of Fame rating.

This will gives you the status of “Legend of Hookah Battle“, Legends Silver Ring allows to be the judge of any of our events up to your choice.

2. Other option is to be the famous person in the hookah industry and get a personal invitation from the administration of Hookah Battle.

We have launched the new system, which allows our verified community members to:

– Nominate any Jury member to the particular competition event


– Vote (positive or negative) for the Jury reputation (Karma)

You can also click on the nominated Jury profile and learn more about this person. The reputation voting is open, we can see which community members vote

The user, which have been nominated as a Judge will get an email notification about it:

Mechanic with reputation is interesting, because votes for Jury reputation will be saved in our Hookah Names project

Lets say its gonna be the first step to make our Jury selection procedure more open to our community. We will select the Judges based on your wishes and ideas.

Ready to nominate some Jury members?

Go to the list of our events -> select (click) some event -> find the section about Jury nomination -> make a community user search and nominate it

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