Report Europe Cup 2023

April 30, 2023 was our show Europe Cup 2023 on Shisha Messe Frankfurt

This year’s show included 12 teams from 7 countries.

List of participants:

1. V8fortheWorld / Germany (Team A)

2. Izzy Smoke /Tima Koreev / Czech (Team B)

3. Pixou DARNA / France (Team C)

4. New Tabacco / Germany (Team D)

5. Burley / Constantin Benz / Germany (Team E)

6. Nargos / Loft 8N / Anet Sopiev / France – Czech (Team F)

7. Shisha Spot / Poland (Team G)

8. SmoKing hookah / Alex Aturov / Slovakia (Team H)

9. captain shi-sha / Japan (Team I)

10. KRUTOY LOUNGE / Lukashuk Andrey / Poland (Team J)

11.  Travis tangiers / Shisha with neeve/ USA (Team K)

12. Dreams GmbH / Switzerland (Team L)


Communities that bet on the participants:


The judges were:

Adam Khawaja

The owner of Maverick Lounge in United Kingdom and media source Shisha Central! The UK’s original Shisha source! Founded in 2016. He makes Lounge & Products Reviews!

Furkan Aksoy

-Darkside Brand Ambassador

-Hookah blogger (Babookah)

-Cofounder Lofhookah

Emile Desvall

The creator of Desvall shisha pipes! Desvall is a Swedish brand created to elevate the long-lasting ritual of shisha sessions to state-of-art. Unique pipes and the best tobacco for very meticulous people.

Ely Sarian






And the Distributor of

CHAOS TOBACCO in 36 countries,

STARBUZZ TOBACCO in 2 countries,

TANGIERS TOBACCO in 2 countries!

Aisha de Beer

The CEO/FOUNDER of ASHISHA in South Africa. ASHISHA is an online store. She also participated in MIx & story 2023 and was the jury of Smoketricks Hookah battle!

Judge’s vote:



Emile Desvall – HLJDACBEKGFI


Aisha de Beer – JHKLDACEFBGI

Schultz method result:

The winners are:

1st place:   KRUTOY LOUNGE / Lukashuk Andrey / Poland + 10 points Hall of Fame

2nd place:  SmoKing hookah / Alex Aturov / Slovakia + 8 points Hall of Fame

3rd place:  Dreams GmbH / Switzerland + 6 points Hall of Fame

Darkside Inspiration nomination:  KRUTOY LOUNGE / Lukashuk Andrey / Poland + Travel Certificate

What is the Hall of Fame?

The Hookah Battle Hall of Fame is made up of the tournament participants and brands that score the most points in Hookah Battle tournaments. Points are awarded for participation and wins, so only active members of our community are inducted into the Hookah Battle Hall of Fame. Inclusion in the Hookah Battle Hall of Fame is a recognition of true excellence and a welcome event for everyone who has participated in our tournaments.

Where can I participate?

Check our event website for information




Thanks very much for that awesome Opportunity I got. Didn’t work out for me, but congrats to the earned winners. Chapeau. Was an honor to be competing with you. And for the Hookah battle itself- very cool. Interesting throughout the battle- well presented Stan and Benni.

My only minor „complain“- as a participant it would have been a bit better if there were some timing announcements: „15 min remaining till the battle“… so that there isn’t such a hurry before the battle to get the Shisha working.

But all in all- very cool event with cool people to connect.


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