Hookah Battle Europe Cup 2022 Results

First place: Dreams Team, Switzerland (#28 global rating)

Second place: Bearloga lounge, Ukraine (#2 global rating)

Third place: Krutoy lounge, Poland (#32 global rating)

DARKSIDE Inspiration winner: Krutoy

We were happy to see many new teams taking part in the event!

They can check their position in rating here: halloffame.hookahbattle.com

See all of our coming events, including online shows (in which teams from any part of the World are warmly welcomed): events.hookahbattle.com

We thank all the brands who supported HookahBattle EuroCup ’22:




Misha Rebel



Special thanks to:

– Ulf Springfield (ShishaJournal) for his invaluable help

– Tim Shishkeulle for filming

– Intertabak as a great place for our show

See you next time at HEW expo Las-Vegas 14th October

Also get ready for upcoming online show Rap Hookah battle 2022!



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