Northern – FLORAL / ALPHA HOOKAH – BEAT VNDL update / Hookah Club Show 2024

Northern announced the release of a new flavor in the Professional line:

FLORALa unique floral taste of rose and lavender with bright eucalyptus at the base.

ALPHA HOOKAH‘s BEAT VNDL hookah update: a new nameplate on the base; the cover and handle of the mouthpiece are made of anodized aluminum; the engraving on the cover and on the tray has been updated; the diffuser now has 3 positions; two limited shades have been added

The official date of the Hookah Club Show has been set.

The Hookah Club Show will take place on December 21-22, 2024 in St. Petersburg.

#alpha hookah
#new flavor

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Can’t wait to see all the content from HCS this year

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