Nameless tobacco (ShishaMesse 2022)

We decided to visit Nameless tobacco for a 2 reasons:

They have participated in Hookah Battle as a team and got some awards

and for the last 2 years this brand gain a really big popularity in Germany. 

We have also talked with Leo – marketing director of brand. 

How the brand get started? 

Many years ago our founder started with hookah lounge in Germany, and going step by step he came to the idea of launching own tobacco brand. 

By the one of our new flavors which we present today, been dedicated to this hookah lounge (L’Oasis) 

What is the product line of Nameless at the moment? 

-Tobacco is the main project

– Heat management devices

– Nameless fasion clothing line

– Charcoal brand

What’s new do you present at expo? 

3 new flavors. Also not long ago we have presented black leaf ptoduct

It’s called Dark Nana and at the moment it’s only one classic flavor – grape. 

Nameless team have #2 rating in our Hall of Fame for Germany.

Do you have plans to continue participate in our championships and reach the status of hookah battle legend? 

Absolutely! We will take part in the future events. 

#Shisha Messe


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