Interview with Takahiro Wakamura 🇯🇵 the owner of EGGShisha

Hi Taka, thank you for agreeing to answer our questions!

1. What is the history of EGGShisha?


We started a online site ”EGGSHISHA” to spread the culture of shisha in Japan. Then, in order to spread the traditional Japanese culture of pottery (Mino ware) to the world, we teamed up with a craftsman named Katsumi Ando to complete the “Sakazuki – 盃”.

2. When it was founded?

2021年に正式にEGGSHISHA としてビジネスをスタートしました。

2022年10月22日にEGGSHISHA ORIGINAL BOWL Sakazuki「盃」がリリースされました。

In 2021, we officially started our business as EGGSHISHA.

EGGSHISHA ORIGINAL BOWL “Sakazuki – 盃” was released on October 22, 2022.

3. Who was the founder?

First name:高弘 Sir name:若村 


4.Why you decided to start to work in the hookah industry?




I started eggshisha in 2021 after working in a shisha bar for 3 years.

At the age, Japan was the timing when shisha became popular. As a leader in this industry, I have supported many shisha lounges to make more people aware of shisha.

I am grateful for the various encounters and experiences I have had.

5. Great! You’re doing a great job developing the industry. How strictly regulated is the hookah business in Japan?

Yes, Tobacco regulations are very strict in Japan. JT (Japan Tabacco Inc) issues licenses for tobacco handling in Japan, and only companies that meet their conditions are granted licenses. Furthermore, the tobacco tax is increasing year by year, putting pressure on this industry.

The number of shisha lounges and cafes has also increased significantly, but in recent years some of them have closed down due to lack of customer.

Fewer customers than the number of lounges.

6. What are the most popular tobaccos in Japan? Are there local hookah brands or tobacco manufacturers?

There are no flavors made in Japan, but there are some non-nicotine ones. There are several brands, but most of them are made for use in Japan. EGGSHISHA is making a strategy for the overseas market.

7. How much competition is there among hookah stores, which ones are the most popular?

KIMET is the most famous shisha cafe in Japan. However, in terms of the number of stores, there are many such as Chillin and North Village.

KIMET (By appointment only)


North Village

8. Cool, but what about stores?

There aren’t big store in Japan. Online shop or lounge with store spot.

You can see Japanese hookah store “KAGAYA”

Kagaya sell not only hookah stuff. There aren’t shisha store which sell only hookah products. Almost shop cafe with selling products.

9. It’s very interesting, I don’t know other country with the same situation. BTW do you know the brand Japona Hookah?

Haha I’m wondering and surprised that you ask me that question

It’s great brand for me. I love them. But why you asking?

Just because Stanislav Oleynikov, the owner of the brand, was inspired by the architecture of Japan 🙂

Yes,there are great products.

So I think real Japanese products has possible to surprise world shisha market.

We are waiting and our company may help with this issue  

Have you had a chance to watch the International Mix&Story 2023?

I watched part of video

Japanese people got 2nd and 3rd prize which is awesome things for Japanese hookah scene

I respect for your business 

I wish someday I could visit the JohannCalino Lounge where you recorded this show.

Yeah, it looks really wonderful, did you see JohnCalliano lounge in Moscow?

No, but my friend tell me Antonio is most famous person in Russian hookah industry.

Then you have to look at this  

Really good looking  someday I wish visit there. If he would like to open lounge in Japan, I want support him.

Haha, I will definitely tell him!

Thanks Taka, I think our interview turned out to be very interesting. We are waiting for you in Russia!

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