Al-Fakher bought Nirvana brand. Interview with Bassem Chahine – the founder of Nirvana.

Hello Bassem, in your interview from 2019 to Stefan Abramian you have told a story how did you start your journey in the hookah industry:

“I was born and raised in United Arab Emirates and moved to the US in 2001. I am the CEO of We at manufacture Dokaha/Hookah Tobacco. I have been in this business since 2006 where I opened my first lounge in Lawrence, Kansas USA”

As an experienced hookah lounge owner, I would like to ask you, what do you think about our international award for the best hookah lounge interior design? And what do you think about the 2021 winner from Russia?

Hello Stas
Not only this lounge in russia but majority of lounges in Russia are on a different Level. Bravo Im hoping a comeback soon in the US market.
My lounge (Hookah House) started in 2006 mainly to serve the College student in our Area.

From there we opened 5 more lounges close to other universities in the Midwest.

2021 winner John Calliano lounge is exquisite and gorgeous, not surprising to me ofcourse, I mean the man the myth the legends name and face is all over it

When did you start the brand Nirvana? And why? How did you came up to the idea of “dokha-infused shisha tobacco” ?

I started Nirvana/Eclipse/Othmani in 2006
Simply because I wanted to make my own products and get ahold of something stronger, and whats better than making something stronger by adding dokha to it. Burley and American Virginia tobacco are a hot Commodity in the USA and something that was available right away. It was more of a convenience in why we decided to manufature our products, we got to taste and love our own shisha and come up with crazy and enjoyable flavors.

As you all may know I introduced Dokha and Nirvana to russia in around 2010, at that time only shisha available in Russia was Alfakher, Nakhla, Nirvana and Tangiers.
Nirvana and Tangiers being dark tobacco ofcourse.
Dokha became a game changer to lounges as they started adding it to shisha for extra strength and buzz

You have sold a Nirvana brand to Al-Fakher. When did it happen? Why you have made such a decision?

We teamed up with Alfakher in early 2021, Ill repeat that again ALFAKHER, ALFAKHER to Russia they might not be much but to the rest of the world they are the Kings, so when the King tells me to join them in the Round table, I didnt think twice to join their team

As I know you are the new Sales Manager in the Al-Fakher team now. What is your area of competence?

I was extremely honored when the position was given to me, with my previous experience in sales in the Shisha/Hookah industry I created and maintained an outstanding client relationships that resulted in new account growth and high retention rates so the move from my previous company to Alfakher was seamless and organic. Except now its on a larger scale and bigger distribution channels. Im responsible for US market sales.

What is the future of Nirvana brand in the hands of Al-Fakher?

Sorry I dont have much to say but stay tuned 😉, its about time that Nirvana, Eclipse, and Othmani will come out of its shadows with a vengeance and no one better to make that happen than Alfakher

What is the retail price of Nirvana products in the US? In which countries Nirvana is availible now?

$10 per 100Gram. Mostly in the US and hookah websites (,,

Do you have more sales of Nirvana in the US throgh retail shops or hookah lounges?

Retails shops about 60 percent more

Got it, and how about other countries with Nirvana? Is it only US now?

We had to pull all packaging out globally, for a proper relaunch and new packaging. Our main customers globally is USA, Brazil, Germany. Russia was number one from 2010 to 2016😅
(Nirvana rating on HTReviews)

(Nirvana on SmokeDex)

What is your range of Nirvana products?

Medwakh Family of Brands (MFOB)is the mother ship of 3 Shisha Brands
Othmani (Blonde Golden Leaf Tobacco ) Flavors that are just Beyond youe average shisha tobacco, feels and smokes luxury

Eclipse (Dark Tobacco + Dokha) Strong, Rich and a Buzz like nothing else in the Market, you truly wake up the next day hungry for more.

Nirvana( American Virginia + Dokha) lighter than Eclipse and Stronger than Othmani, Flavors that are so exquisite and an unforgettable buzz.

MFOB products are being sold accross different shops accross the USA

Alfakher is currently pushing Othmani as first Priority in its distribution Channels in the US, followed by Eclipse then Nirvana and Dates are yet to be determined

And the last question. Can you make a small gift for the best comment (with highest rating) for this interview?

You got it i can go bigger man lets do 200 dollars worth of product
Between all three lines and dokha

Thank you Bassem for the interview. 

Author of the comment with a highest rating on the date and time: 20th April 2022 16:00 (4PM) Moscow time, will get a 200 dollars worth of product gift from Bassem.

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Нирвана когда-то была крутая…


В 12 – 13 году я был жестким фанатом Nirvana, очень прикалывало что он весь состоит из миксов и не нужно париться что забить еще и сразу с дохой, куришь 20 минут крепко, а потом просто лайтово.

Нравилась концепция и визуальное оформление пачки, названия вкусов и сами миксы.

После того как они решили убрать из табака доху и сделать ее отдельным продуктом, интерес к нирване сразу пропал и наверное не только у меня…

Интересно будет как поступят Al Fakher и как будут развивать нирвану в дальнейшем, потому что концепт крутой и маркетинг можно делать достойный )

Мой топ вкусов:

Sex Monkey
Not now I’m naked
Frank the tank
Wtf, Alice
Spirit Mind Soul
Nirvana Frog in blender
Ants In My Head

Очень хотелось попробовать линейку Eclipse но в РФ ее никогда не было.


Congrats! You are the winner


It would be interesting to know what was the amount of the sale transaction.

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