#LoungeFail competition of hookah anti-cases text stories from Hookah Battle 2023

Okay neural network, please mix these words (Hookah Lounge, Fire, Smoke, Fail, catastrophe, Shisha smoking, Apocalypse) and create me a picture of them:


1. Become a Hookah Hub contributor, fill out the form and apply here: https://businessclub.hookahbattle.com/en/

2. Get approval (you will receive a notification by mail) about joining our business club.

3. Write an article — (the story of your business failure) on our blogging platform here: https://hub.hookahbattle.com/en/ (find the button «Add POST»)

3.1. If you don’t want to make your article public (visible to any person on the internet), before the publishing tap on the tick «Hide from public (only for business club members)», in this case your story will be able to read only by verified community members.

3.2. You can write an article on any language (please select the post language flag button before you publish an article). Community members can translate your article to other languages. The subgect can be about any kind of Fail of hookah lounge business or any process or idea which failed in this business. You can check the example of my article here

3.3. If you are interested to get email notification about any new article with #LoungeFai tag:
go to your profile -> Subscribe to tags -> find «LoungeFail» tag -> subscribe

4. Read / comment and vote (put «+» and «-» buttons) for the articles from other authors.

We will announce the winners in July 31th 2023, 12:00 UTC time

Prize fund for the best article:

1. 100 euro cash (paypall transfer) from Stan Medkov for the text story with the best number of «+» votes

2. Special metallic statuette from Maklaud: «Experienced Hookah Lounge Owner»

3. 2 entrance tickets to  Expo Hookah Brazil where will be held Hookah Battle South America Cup 2023 (the winner for this gift will be selected earlier: May 1st 12:00 UTC)

4. Mouthpiece, Hookah and Bag from Conceptic Design

5. Gifts from our friends from France: El-Badia  the Quasar RAAS and The Z1 Clear

6. Gifts from our Turkish  friends Oduman: N2 Clear Hookah to create a nice cocktail shisha in your lounge.

7. T-shirt from our friends from Adalya, subsribe their instagram

8. 2 entrance tickets to ShishaMesse Spain 2023

More sponsors coming soon, if you would like to appear in this list with a link to your company please send a message to Stan Medkov

Prize fund for the best commentator:

1. 50 euro cash (paypall transfer) from Stan Medkov for the best comment with the best voting rating. By this link you can track all the articles related to #LoungeFail. Click on each article and write your comment in each article.

2. Invitation to the ship party in St. Petersburg, Russia 30th August 2023:
12 years HookahBattle. 100 VIP guests from the hookah industry of different countries

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#Hookah lounge

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