A new line inspired by lifestyle trends outside the hookah industry: music, auto culture, gaming and extreme.

The first drop “XPERIENCE” – about cars.


1. TURBO TEA Kashmir/Peach;

2. BANA-NASCAR Banana/Strawberry;

3. MOHITO YOTA Mojito/Strawberry;

4. PETROL HEADZ Passion Fruit/Mango/Pineapple;

5. BERRY VSWhite grapes/Raspberry/Black Currant;

6. GRANDE ARCADE Yogurt/Pomegranate;

7. GRAPE & FURIOUS Grapes/Basil.

New design: packs of 30 grams in an unusual black and red coloring, and 120 grams — in general in cans.

Let’s immediately identify a couple of points: this is stronger than “SHOT”, because the basis of “shots” is the raw materials of the BASE line, and the basis of “XPERIENCE” is the raw materials of CORE, plus all the flavors of “XPERIENCE” are created from new fragrance. The XPERIENCE strength will be medium.

This is a blend of Burley and Virginia, which gives the effect of smooth relaxation and does not scratch the throat.

#new flavor


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