Mr. Brew – review!

Athletes, do you like unusual flavors?

We are, and we were very happy to get a great gift from the guys at Mr. Brew! They sent us 4 flavors, including some new ones! By the way, we tested them together with the KONG bowls we told you about yesterday.

We have decided to move away from a score system to make reviews or opinions more understandable. Let’s get down to business!

Mr. Brew – IPA

Flavor – nice refreshing bittering beer flavor, you can sense a little bit of Christmas tree somewhere!

Brightness – natural.

The hit is one in the same indian pale ale, so take it for sure if you like beer.

Mr. Brew – KRIEK

Flavor – cherry with a predominance of pitted cherries.

Brightness – no issues.

Hitting – doesn’t sound like a cherry shout in our opinion, but that doesn’t make it a bad flavor.

Mr. Brew – Combuchai

Flavor – sour astringent flavor, with a harmonious sweetness.

Brightness – good.

Hitting – almost kombucha, went a little in the other direction, tried cascading with a real drink from Mr. Brew.

Mr. Brew – Fuctus

Flavor – sweet and sour mix of strawberry, feijoa and cactus, with a cactus dryness, interesting!

Brightness – harmonious.

Hitting – yes, all of the above are clearly felt.

Bottom line: the Mr. Brew is an interesting product with a unique approach, all the flavors from the post can be recommended to try out of interest, maybe you will find a new favorite flavor!



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