The need for a hookah masters union

  Greetings to all the masters and owners of establishments, as well as to those involved in the field. Today I want to touch on the important topic of solidarity and unionization for employees.My main point is in just one sentence.The hookah master is often the most unprotected employee in the industry. I will now tell you why I think so. What is meant by unprotected in general? The main thing is of course the fact that there are few places where the masters are officially registered (you can list the examples where everything is fine forever, they will not be enough even for 20% of the total). What I mean by the word official is that hookah master is not listed as a profession anywhere or in any way. The same goes for waiters and other employees of various restaurants. Although they are often employed under a contract of employment, which gives at least some guarantees, but it is not enough. In general, the following points are important for any employee:

  Paid vacation

  A guarantee of receiving your salary in full

  Health insurance

  Paid sick leave

  Early retirement

  An official seniority account for retirement deductions

  I can substantiate each point, but will do so in the next publication if you appreciate this one. The problem in realizing this is that business owners will resist doing this in private cases, which is why a union is needed, only then is results possible. Also, creating a union is necessary because of the law, because that is the only way employees can have pressure on the employer. I will also tell you about the method of creating a union later.

  Thank you for reading, I hope you think about it.


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