Maklaud – Barratrumm

Quite a bit has passed since the last new model of the brand and now the new custom collection of Minotour Maklaud is coming off with the first model – Barratrumm.

The artistic development of the image of a mythical creature this time in the form of pirate armor. Each Minotaur is made 100% by hand without the use of 3D technologies and ready-made shapes.

The collection will be composed in one style of 10 different models, each of which we have endowed with its own character and distinctive features.

Barratrumm in his name you can hear the echoes of a battle drum and the metallic rumble of terrifying armor. “

The sculpture’s armor is removable and can be used separately. For example, owners of several copies of the collection can show imagination and change the upper armor of the Minotaurs among themselves, creating their own unique design of models. “

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