Maklaud – new X line

Updating one of the most popular X lines.

X is the author’s form factor of the Maklaud hookah Stem, which has earned wide recognition among fans of the brand. The demand for X models is stable at the highest level, but the guys decided that this series needs an update in accordance with the current trends in the development of the brand’s creativity.

This is a new theme and new details – bronze nameplates on the base of the stem, as well as a new tray design.

The idea is based on legends and myths about cosmic deities the creators and progenitors of all living things, which are invariably found in the folklore of most peoples of the world.

The character Orianna is named with reference to the constellation Orion and metaphorically reveals the theme of the cosmic world order. The motifs of the cosmos and the atmosphere of the starry space are reflected not only in the sculpture itself, but also in the exquisite design of the saucer with elements in the form of concentric planetary circles.

Model X is limited to only 50 copies. The copies are numbered on the base, tray and packaging.

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