KONG`s 5 bowls, KILLZILLA!

KONG sent us 5 bowls!

Turkish Boy Ice
Turkish Godzilava
King Kong Bowl

We tested these and are ready to tell you what we liked and what we didn’t.

Let’s start with the NEW and the most beautiful bowl among the 5 — KILLZILLA! true nugget in hookah ceramics, Besides its design, the bowl stands out with a valve right in Godzilla’s mouth! Smoke comes out of its mouth like it’s trying to blow rings. It looks juicy

Of course, Godzilla’s opponent will be next — King Kong. Similar concept, but without the valve and without the colorful accents. Kong has smoke coming out of both nostrils

Of course, it’s hard to imagine such art bowls at work, so let’s move on to the classic shapes.

Turkish Godzilava — classic turkish boy bowl, but in Godzilla colors, blue, cuts. Comfortable to work with! The same goes for the other turkish bowl — Turkish Boy Ice. It’s covered in white icing and the cuts on it are even more colorful, accentuating the theme of ice and cold.

And the final — Lava! The classic killer shape, with cuts like the turks from the text above, but the color is yellow-orange, which is quite clear, because the name refers to lava and volcanoes! Looks hot



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