Interview with Mecit Tekdemir 🇹🇷 Dozaj Tobacco

1. How long do you work in Dozaj? What is your role in the company?

I have been working for 6 years. I am the general manager of the company

2. What is the history of Dozaj? When it was founded? Who was the founder? Why the founder decided to start to work in the hookah industry?

Founder 3 partners. We have been operating in the hookah industry for 25 years. We produce and sell many parts of hookah. After being the distributor of many brands in the tobacco sector, we started to produce our own product in 2016.

3. Wow, 25 years is a long history! Do you still continue hookah distribution business or focused only on your own brand?

hookah team production and distribution continues. We also continue in the tobacco business.

4. When Dozaj tobacco been launched at which year? What was the first flavors? Did you start to sell first on Turkish market or import to other countries?

The dosage brand came out in 2016. We produced PLS branded products for the Turkish market. In the foreign market, we sold the dosage brand under its name. Our sales started in the first brazil germany cyprus markets.

5. Do you distribute only hookah products of your manufacturing or you also import hookah products from other countries?

We import products for our 3 stores and distribution network.

6. What is the tobacco base of Dozaj classic and Dozaj black? From which country tobacco base grown?

We use virginia and burley tobacco. originating in germany france poland

7. Not long ago our CEO – Stan Medkov told me about your new flavor of Dozaj Black – Cigar Vanilla. It was one of the most interesting flavors presented at Intertabak 2022. Which future plans do you have for Dozaj Black?

We have about 30 varieties in our Dozaj black brand. We are currently the market leader in the Turkish black tobacco market. We are also in the top 3 in the Spanish dark tobacco market. We have a share in the dark tobacco market in Cyprus and Bulgaria. As a result of the negotiations we made at the Germany Fair, we will take our place in the German market in the coming days. we also have a high market share in the yellow tobacco market in japan. In the coming days, our dark tobacco will be sold in Japan.

8. In which city your manufacturing is located? How many people work in your company?

Our production is in Istanbul. 40 people work in our company.

9. Have you ever seen our international online shows? For example last year in our internationl show “Rap Hookah Battle” team from Turkey “Unique Hoookah Store” took 3rd place. ( You can watch their 2 mins clip by timecode: )
What do you think about these kind of hookah competitions?

We are following closely. We even participated in a few competitions. very nice projects. but we think that the scoring is not fair enough. maybe it’s because we didn’t get a degree in the competitions we participated in. 🙂

10. O yes, I remember your first participation of Dozaj team at Hookah Battle World Cup 2019 where you have made a super interesting hookah with rotating head. One of the reasons of our interview, is that your team is #1 from all Turkish teams in our international rating
At the moment you already have 21 points (we give points for each event), when you collect 41 points we will give you a status of “Legend of Hookah Battle” with ceremony of awarding of Sliver Ring of master. Can we expect that you will participate in our next events?

I do not know. We do not have any work on this subject at the moment. but we can think

Alright, thank you for your reply! That’s all questions.


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