Industry innovations HCS HookaIn Contest 2022

For the second year in a row, HCS expo has been holding the Hookah In competition, designed to select the industry’s innovative developments over the past year.

This time the list of 1st step finalists is as follows:

•  Chill Puff – Menthol mouthpieces that replace “cooling taste effect”. If, for example, in a circle of friends someone likes to smoke a hookah with a cooler, and someone does not, then you can simply change the usual mouthpiece to Chill Puff, and vice versa. Mouthpieces also prolong the taste and help out with overheated tobacco.

•  Criss-Cross – Cyberpunk style reverse action tongs. The innovation lies in the fact that the tongs independently hold the coal for the user. The hand remains free and you don’t have to worry that the coal will fall to the floor.

•  Medkov Air Tube – Hookah without shaft. Unique smoking experience. Efficient cooling system. Portability.

•    Nuggle – The Nuggle Shield electronic heating system for hookah mixture is a unique offer for the hookah business, which will reduce the cost of purchasing coal, save your furniture. •  Make Hookah – Multi-colored hookah seals, namely: a seal for a bowl and a flask with standard sizes that will fit most hookahs.

•  SOYUZ_Hookah – The first hookah 2 in 1. In the hookah, you can replace the iron shaft with a wooden one if desired. When smoking through a wooden shaft, the hookah turns out to be very soft and pleasant with hints of wood.

•  Watta Market – Shoe with WattaKeeper holder. ideaBase technology (functional double bottom shoe). The manufacturer set the task to find ways to improve the quality of smoking on stainless steel.

•  Heat Caster – Electronic Kaloud. easy control via buttons or through a mobile application, no ash, no need to heat new coals while smoking But, it’s not that simple!

• The second stage – a representative of MAKLAUD, Vitaly Belash, will evaluate the ideas of selected companies at the exhibition! Based on the decision of this expert, the cup will be awarded to the winner! As well as the opportunity to realize your project, concept idea, under the guidance of professionals.

✏️ To be honest, I think this year’s list is weaker than last year’s. Mouthpieces and seals by no means pull the title of innovative products. But the electric heat controller is already interesting, it’s a pity that there is practically no information on these products.


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