The Hookah Battle Keynote Series

This year at HEW in Las Vegas there is going to be the Hookah Battle Keynote series. This will be an event group of business owners talking about different topics in the world of hookah. Such as stating an online hookah retail shop, working in the world of hookah hosting and catering, The Fight to Save hookah in the USA, as well as innovation in hookah products. the sponsors of this event are the speakers, they are

Apple on Top – Hookah Product Inovation

Othmani/Eclipse Tobacco – History and Community

Exhale Full of Flavor – Hookah Hosting

Mo’ Hookah – Hookah Catering

Regal Hookah/NationalHookah – The Fight to save Hookah – Online Hookah Retail

This event  will be October 14th at HEW in Las Vegas

The videos of this will be shared online as well.

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