Other brands are releasing «flowers/anime/sweets» by March 8, and meanwhile — MAKLAUD — Red Sta

As always with a large annotation:

Emerged from the formidable mountains, became a mighty mountain, the unattainable peak of the red cult. The high priest of the 20th century, who dared to embody a new religion in minds overgrown with idols, prophets and blood supremacy.

A leader exalted by faith, who came with the idea of equality, but received powers whose equals history could count on the fingers of one hand.

No matter how hard we try, time mercilessly laughs at us, proving once again that without relying on a tough personality, people only cowardly play small games. The flock is passionately waiting for the shepherd, who will fearlessly lead them, call for a dream … to the cursed stars.

It is quite possible that He, the red leader, is already there. Very, very far away… somewhere deep inside us.

He sits proudly, bound by the iron of his will, the steel of his indestructible convictions. He sits waiting and, laughing at our cowardice, lights his eternal pipe from the ashes of «freedom» burning down in the world in order to re-breathe the clouds of human thoughts into the very depths of the changes that are finding…

#New hookah


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