A review of industry new products from Brazil!

Boombastic tobacco-free, nicotine-free blend from Brazil! 

Very unusual product that surprises with its appearance, after opening the package very similar to gummy worms, there is some fun in it.

There are now a total of 5 flavors in the lineup, now let’s evaluate them in more detail:

Pink Fruit

Flavor – 5/5, menthol bubble gum flavor, concise and simple.
Brightness – 4/5, more natural

Sky Mint

Flavor – 5/5, very tasty menthol that is refreshing and doesn’t hit your nerves with cold, even if you fill a full bowl.
Brightness – 5/5, very bright

Green Apple

Flavor – 4/5, green apple reminiscent of apple jelly, interesting, tasty, but a bit like an apple that has lain fallow.
Brightness – 5/5, very bright

Candy Melon

Flavor – 3/5, not clear, sweet and fresh but no clear associations.
Brightness – 3/5, lacked the brightness of melon.

Orange Lemon

Summary: It is important to say that all flavors from the line with bright menthol and WITHOUT NICOTINE. We got a distinctive and interesting product that can surprise and even be useful in work.

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