🔥 OFFICIAL REPORT – Grand-Prix Shop and Lounge Interior Award 2021

22 Января 2022 года, прошел Grand-Prix Hookah Battle Shop and Lounge Interior Award 2021

В течении всего года мы провели локальные мероприятия в 9 странах, где выбирали самые красивые кальянные заведения и самые красивые кальянные магазины. По итогам лучшие заведения в каждой стране стали участниками Grand-Prix Shop and Lounge Interior Award 2021.

Участниками стали:

  1. Brazil

667 Hookah Street Lounge

Hookah Time Shop



  1. USA

Aria Social Lounge

5 Stars Hookah Shop




  1. Germany

The Q Bar Lounge





  1. Spain

Moshi Lounge

1001 Cachimbas

Maxiestanco 558


  1. Turkey

Divane Hookah Lounge

Divane Hookah Shop



  1. Czech

Dobry tah Lounge

iSmokeStore One


  1. Ukraine

Bearloga Lounge

SABABA Hookah Shop


  1. United Kingdom

Sapores Lounge


  1. Russia

Johncalliano Lounge

Best shop


Судьями Grand-Prix Shop and Lounge Interior Award 2021 стали:

Олег Княгинин (Россия)  – Неизменный председатель совета жюри Hookah Battle


Matt Desind (США) – Кальянный энтузиаст из США.


Jakub Kopáček (Чехия) – Кальянный энтузиаст из Чехии. Автор книги о кальяне.


Franz (Германия)  – Совладелец кальянного магазина в Германии.


Juanma Balla Martin (Испания)  – Кальянный блогер из Испании.


Ayhan Bulut (Турция) – Владелец Nargile Uzmani


Ahmad El Sayed (Бразилия) – Бразильский блогер.


Baga Man (Украина) – Украинский кальянный блогер. Канал Baga Man.


Adam Khawaja (United Kingdom) – Кальянный блогер из Великобритании. Канал By Shisha Central


Спасибо всем, кто принимал участие в этом шоу!

Топ 3 заведений по результатам судейского голосования:

Lounge Award:

1 место – John Calliano Lounge (Russia)
2 место – Bearloga Lounge (Ukraine)
3 место – 667 Hookah Street (Brazil)


Shop Award:

1 место – Freshishastore Dusseldorf (Germany)
2 место – Best shop (Russia)
3 место – 1001 Cachimbas (Spain)


Судейские листы с результатами.

Запись трансляции Hookah Battle Grand-Prix Shop and Lounge Interior Award 2021 можно посмотреть на нашем YouTube канале

Выражаем благодарность партнерам поддержавшим премию Hookah Battle Grand-Prix Shop and Lounge Interior Award 2021:

Al Fakher
Alpha Hookah

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#shop and lounge



Это был ТОП контест!


For the brazilian competition, the main sponser tiobob, said there is just a product kit gift to send and doesn`t have sponsers products to apply the discount of $150dollars, so if does not have products, the hookah battle should send at least this $150 for me. all this doesn`t make sense, we spent our time making a video, paying for that, spent time to prepare all the stuffs and there is nothing to win. How hookah battle want to encourage brands to participate in this way?


Hello, my name is Rene, i got the first place at hookah battle lounge awards brazil and third place in hookah battle lounge awards world as 667 Hookah Street. The hole competition information about rewards was a mess, here in brazil there was a information about the prices, in the first moment the rewards starts at $1000 for the first place, than changed to $150, than changed again to “$150 discount to buy the sponsored products”, now talking with the Tiobob, main sponsor of brazil, they told me there is no sponsoring products to give discount…so what is the point of participating in the brazil competition, got first place and world competition, got third if hasn`t any reward? For the first place in brazil the only information by now is that i would win a “product kit gift” and nothing more by now, and for the third place in world there is no reward, Stanislav said “Trip to Germany on Inter tabak expo + some special gifts for lounge from Grand Prix sponsors”, how am i going to travel to europe with euro 7times our money value, just for gifts about a “reward” of the WORLD lounge awards? At least you guys should send this gifts for me. Otherwise, not even a real certificate was made to be printed and placed in the establishment to show our achievement, a certificate with “price rewards” (that doesn`t exist) and a contact to implement the certificate isn`t a certificate.

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