Leteam – third drop

Continuation of the DARKSIDE and Chabacco collaboration — the third drop from Leteam was released, with 5 flavors:

With exotic fresh sweet and sour, slightly tart drink made from kiwi pulp with the addition of cactus and guava juices.

With sour marmalade a bright sweet and sour aroma of a mixture of watermelon and lemon marmalade candies.

With heavenly mango a delicate creamy bar stuffed with coconut chips and mango slices.

With cherry cookies crumbly sweet cookies with cherry jam, sprinkled with caramel crumbs.

With apple soda a chilled sweet and sour drink based on soda with apple juice.

PS: Leteam is a joint product from two representatives of the hookah market in Russia. It is based on tobacco-free raw materials from Chabacco Medium, as well as the joint development of flavors by DARKSIDE and Chabacco flavorists.

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