How different shisha Expo / Festivals works with Hookah Battle (International League)

During our 12 years history we have worked with many different hookah festivals and expos, I have compilated my thoughts what do we expect from expo and what we are ready to give.

What do we need from Expo:

1. Stage (no creteria for specific sizes) should be comfortable for: 5 Jury members with table and chairs, 2 showrunners, hookah battle team up to 3 persons who entering the stage and present their hookah

2. Sound equipment: at least 2 microphones for the showrunners (perfect if we can have 3 microphones – we can give 1 to the Jury members which is more comfortable). 

Usually we have 2 persons showrunners: 1 person speak English (for the international live broadcast) and 2nd person translate into the local language (for the local expo auditory):

3. If the expo / festival is going outdoor – important to have a roof for stage, to protect Jury from sun burn or rain.

4. Directional stage lighting (no need – if its enough light on your expo, or Hookah Battle is going outdoor during light day period). We can not make a good live broadcast, if its gonna be too dark.

5. Usually we have 12 teams for Hookah Battle. One team can be from 1 to 3 persons. We need you to provide a personal table for each team (12 tables near the stage). Does not matter what kind of shape of table – square or round. It should be comfortable to stay around 1-3 perons

12 tables for contestants should be located near or around the stage. Contestants locate their hookahs (each team on a personal table) and guests of the expo can degustate hookahs from each contestant team

6. (Optional) Perfect if you can make a LED screen with a camera man and live-broadcasting of the event to the stage LED screen (usually we have this concept on HCS expo, which is really nice). Expo guests who are located far from the stage can see whats going on.

7. The Jury tables: can be 3 tables (with 150-200 cm length each table X3 = 450-600 cm in total) + 5 chairs for the Jury

On the Jury table we will locate our branded table cloth. You will dont need to print this table banner, we will print it in our office put in our travel bad and bring with our administration team.

8. Background banner with our design layout.   The logo of your expo will be integrated into the center of this banner. We will ask you to print a backround banner on the stage (and locate and mount it behind the Jury table). 

We use a background banner also to make a nice pictures with the winners

No need for background banner, if you can make a LED screen behind the Jury table:

(Optional) Possible to discuss the appearance of some Rap Hookah Battle artists with the performance of songs for the guests of the expo

Or Hookah Battle smoke tricks artists:

9. DJ from expo. We need a guy who can run some uplifting music while teams entering the stage one by one. Sometimes teams ask to run some particular music for their stage entry to impress people. Important! All audiotracks should not be conflict with Youtube music copyrights, otherwise our live-broadcast could be blocked by youtube. 

10. Free entrance to all days of expo for:

– Hookah Battle administration (3-4 persons + videomaker + photographer)

– The Jury (5 persons)

– Teams (up to 12X3 = 36 persons)

11. Place to locate an electric charcoal burner + access to water (so contestants will be able to fill water in their hookah bases)

What do we give to expo:

1. Your expo with our HB championship will be listed on our international events website, where our followers navigate our planned activites

2. More than 30k Hookah Battle community members worldwide

will get an email newsletter (translated into the different languages, since we know language of each our usernames) about your upcoming expo with our hookah battle show.

3. On the official website of championship we will locate a section about expo: location, picture, contacts, link to buy entrance tickets for guests

4. We can prepare an article on Hookah Hub – tutorial how people from different countries can travel to your expo + we can make an agreement to make a partner discount for potential new exhibitors coming from Hookah Battle. This newsletter will be distibuted to our B2B data base (1486 brands registered on the date of creation this article)

5. Info support of expo via our social media pages in VK, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Telegram, Twitter

6. When we host a Hookah Battle of international league on some expo, different teams from different countries follows us to the expo we go. We attract international attention from the professional community to your expo.

7. We will record a short video interview with the founder of expo for our live broadcast + will make a short review of your expo

Our livestream gonna be captured by our partner hookah bloggers – commentators: our friends who translate our shows and post it for own auditory

8. We can also make a specific partnership with your expo and our international job search service – Hookah Head Hunt. People who visit your expo will achive a special bage to profile (which gives more value as expirienced hookah worker)

9. We can make a partnership with your expo and our online service to find a good hookah lounge – where2smoke. People can visit lounges after the expo. Action can be supported by some manufacturer. Lounges can promote your expo.

10. We can make an interview with you for our Hookah Hub platform. Interview can be translated to 10+ lanugages, which gives your expo great SEO though internet 

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