Geometry Hookah – RONIN 2.0

Completely updated hookah from Geometry Hookah – RONIN 2.0

Taking as a basis one of the most exciting episodes of Japanese literature and history, inspired by a lone warrior, the RONIN hookah was created, which stands out among the rest of the mass for its originality in every sense. In addition to its unusual appearance, RONIN has versatility and variations in use.

It is important to note that absolutely every released copy is unique. The wood has a unique natural pattern, and the dyes only emphasize its individuality. In its nature, there are no two identical RONIN models.

RONIN hookah consists of 2 parts – a metal flask and a sapboard made of wood.

The main and main part for smoking is a stainless steel cylinder that acts as a vase and stem. In this form, RONIN is able to fully function independently, being a compact and practical device.

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