Cobra is back on the market

Cobra has announced their return. A new team and a brand new product, ten flavors in the first drop:

Margarita alcoholic notes of tequila and astringency of lime.

Strawberries red, sweet, ripe strawberries.

Cloudberry sweet, with a barely noticeable sourness and tartness.

Mango ripe, very sweet, with a barely noticeable herbiness.

Lemon  – slightly sour and sweet, familiar lemon.

Kalamansi juice -at the same time similar to lime, lemon and tangerine.

Condensed milksweet, rich aroma with milky notes.

Colaclassic cola and a little vanilla.

Gin Bombay alcohol with juniper, a little bitter citrus and spices.

Violet delicate, sweetly herbaceous fragrance.

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