Protection from the invisible with Alkonost

For many years, disputes have not subsided about in which country the hookah appeared. Have you ever wondered what it was actually created for?

Humanity is on the technological path of development. So we are told.

In fact, the otherworldly forces that come to us from beyond the Edge are not the fruit of the fantasies of the authors of the books.

This is reality. Many practitioners who have known the Truth are struggling with them. They fight invisible battles and hang shields over the world.

An altar is needed for actions in the subtle world.

Requirements for it:

Location. In the center of the apartment, with an orientation to the East.

Cleansing. Physical cleaning.

Intention. Purpose or emotion.

Preparing to create. Grounding and protecting the altar with natural materials.

Creation. Take pleasure in your actions.

Activation. Ignited fire.

Accessories. Ritual knife, protective amulet, saucer.

The altar in magic must always be clean. Before each magical action, it must be cleaned up.

Doesn’t it remind you of anything? Me – the rules of care and use of hookah.

There are far fewer mages than needed. Who helps them? We – are hookah lovers.

A hookah is a small altar of incense of herbs. In ancient times they used: basil (protection from dark forces; expels negative entities from the house)

or sage (purifies people and objects; casts out evil lower spirits).

This is how flavored tobacco was created.

But tobacco is only part of the defense system. You need the right bowl. Just a round one will do, but…

Alkonost are the perfect bowls to protect against the invisible. They reveal the taste and protective properties of tobacco. The black color and the name-appeal to the patrons guarantee the correct operation of the hookah.

Do you want to feel the aromatics to the fullest and strong? Choose the Turk Perun (the god of thunder).

Do you need soft smoking for leisurely conversations? Take the fanel Marena (deity of fertility).

The color of the bowls accumulates the negative and burns it with a living flame of coals. Natural material (semi-porcelain) grants short intervals between refilling, allowing you to wash the bowl with cold water immediately after smoking. Forget about myrrh-streaming and glaze chips!

The bowls are made using secret techniques by the hands of people who are in love with their work. Quality assurance in both worlds!

  P.S.: thanks for the photo Alex Bo и Smoke Hastur.  

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