Discussion + Jury nomination of TURKEY Shop and Lounge Award 2021

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The Hookah Battle is launching two special events in TURKEY:

Hookah Lounge Interior Deisgn Award 2021 (Partners: Lirra, WTO, SoftSmoke, Cocosoul, Aromania, Narguile Uzmani)

– Hookah Shop Interior Design Award 2021 (Partners: Lirra, WTO, Mr. Eds, Conceptic, Cocosoul, Upgrade, Aromania, Narguile Uzmani )

What is the purpose of this post?

1. The comment section will be available for questions regarding the event and you will get answers directly from the Hookah Battle event organizers.

2. The comment section will also be used to nominate Jury members for this event. Example:

– Type a comment with your Juror nomination, 1 Juror = 1 comment (do not put 2 or more names in 1 comment)

– Browse other comments from other people, click on the comment and rate it, “+” or “-” for each comment

– We will tally the votes for every comment with Jury nominations and will invite the highest rated people to become a member of the Jury for the events on 18th-19th September 2021 20:00 Istanbul time.

The event details and process:

1. (August 11 – September 11, 2021: Online selection round by photo) Participants send a photo of their interior design, people vote for the best pictures. (Please note: verified account Hookah Battle (i.e. professionals) have a voice power of X10)
2. (September 11 — September 15, 2021 🙂 Top 10 shops and Top 10 lounges go to the final show: their task is to record a short video (2-5 mins) about their business for the judges.
3. (September 18, 2021 at 20:00 Istanbul time) online stream on VK, FB, YouTube: Final show of the award for the best design of a hookah lounge in Turkey
4. (September 19, 2021 at 20:00 Istanbul time) online stream in VK, FB, YouTube: Final show of the award for the best design of a hookah store in Turkey

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