“The samovar is the most necessary Russian thing!” © F.M. Dostoevsky.

Purpose: the revival of interest in native Russian, without “overseas wonders”.

Available: smoking mixtures, coal, hookahs, bowls and accessories.

1. Smoking mixtures.

Two lines:

“Seagull”. Ivan-tea + liquid nicotine from shag. Medium fortress.

“Samosad” on shag, strong.

33 flavors in both lines. Directions:

Floral: Linden blossom; Peony; Carnation.

Berry: Irga; Honeysuckle; Red rowan; Black Rowan.

Gastronomic: Sorrel; Flask; Okroshka; Aspic; Salted cucumber; dumpling; Toast.

Original: Ant Ass; Creosote; Petrikor; Sap.

Dessert: Tula gingerbread; Baba with cognac and cream; Cream; Fun; Mom’s cake.

Drinks: Baked milk; Komchay; Birch juice; Kvass; Sbiten.

Alcoholic: Cherry liqueur; Vodka; Samogar; Chacha; Drinking honey.

2. Coal. Pressed from hazelnut shells. Unlike walnut shells, it has a lower ash content. Manufactured by vacuum compression.

3. Two lines of hookahs:

1) Designer line “Starets”. Made by hand by craftsmen inspired by samovars once produced at the Tula Lisitsyn factories, the Demidov Suksun factories (modern Perm Territory) and the Irginsky Factory (now Sverdlovsk Region). Each hookah has a serial number printed on every detail. The buyer of hookahs in this line has a lifetime discount on the rest of SAMOVAR products.

2) Practical ruler “Otrok”. Made on CNC, then finished by hand in high-tech style. Two models are available:

“Two chairs”. Two sets of shafts that allow you to adjust the volume and height of the hookah. The mines are engraved with ancient ornaments.

“Man with a fingernail.” Mini hookah, classic draw. Patent for fixing the flamethrower. Made in the form of a tumbler doll.

4. Handmade bowls made by the masters of Dymkovo toys and Gzhel. Produced by the Moscow plant “TOR”.

5. Accessories: forged grabbers and flamethrower; puffy carved wooden Gzhel or Dymkovo toy.

The bowls and coal are wrapped in moss and packed in birch bark chests. Royal packaging is a chest upholstered with cold iron, made in ancient techniques.

Attention! The following products will be available for purchase at the exhibition:

a) Limited promotional package with the inscription “Everything you need is in me!”: bowl, smoking mixture, four 25 mm coals.

b) Royal packaging. Includes a hookah from the Starets line, two bowls, a pack of coal, a line of tobacco of your choice, and a 17th century Russian folk costume for a man or woman (dimensions are indicated at


Attention! Boots or bast shoes are purchased separately.

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