Review of 5 flavors of “MOLODOST” tobacco, general opinion about the product!

We received some interesting flavors from the brand, tried them and are ready to tell you more about them and the product in general.

What flavors we tried:

1. Goal to Corner ( Blackberry, Strawberry, Calamansi)

Flavor – 4 out of 5, good lemonade berry flavor with citrus

Brightness – 3 out of 5, balanced.

2. Slow Dance at the Disco (Vanilla shake with acai)

Flavor – 5 out of 5, very tasty, delicate and even unusual flavor, memorable for a long time.

Brightness – 3 out of 5, balanced.

3. Breakfast cartoons (Rice porridge with coconut)

Flavor – 2 out of 5, empty, no rice porridge, rather some coconut puree or something similar, better to use in mixes to enhance sweetness and add coconut.

Brightness – 2 out of 5, low, the claimed flavors are not felt.


Flavor – 5 out of 5, very good, clean apple, no anise, no extra sourness, perfect for mixes, good in solos.

Brightness – 4 out of 5, above balanced, but not overdone and without a hint of chemistry.

5. Parachute Jump (Pear)

Flavor – 4 out of 5, not a bad pear without acetone, more about Chinese pear.

Brightness – 3 out of 5, balanced


Medium to above average, smooth nicotine saturation.

Final Opinion:

The product interested with its unusual flavors and names, and managed to surprise precisely because it conveys those unusual flavors very clearly and deliciously (or standard, but in a new format). However, there are some failures in terms of flavors. “MOLODOST” will definitely suit both the average hookah enthusiast and on the shelf of any hookah lounge, by virtue of its comfortable strength and interesting presentation.

Thanks everyone, try it out and leave comments!

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