«Briefly about strong tobacco» Part 2

Let’s continue our topic about strong tobaccos, if you haven’t read the first part, go read it.

Let’s start with , strong line (black)
Packages of 40g – 290r and 100g – 670r. Manufacturer Russia – St. Petersburg. There are about 40 flavors in the palette. They have been on the market since 2015. There are quite a lot of Spectrum fans and I think even you could have a few packs at home.
The manufacturer himself took care of everything, from ideas and design to the tobacco itself. Speaking about ideas, it is very pleasant to realize that the “kaleidoscope” that is embedded in the name is well and harmoniously associated with tastes.
Top flavors by consumers:

  • cactus agave
  • caribbean rum
  • cookies with milk
  • crazy
  • moon mango

Cool gustatory palette, convenient packaging, a large number of top flavors
Lack of stable smoking and strength

The next big-name product is Element.
Packages 40g – 270r and 200g – 1200r. Blend Burleigh + Virginia. Manufacturer Russia.
This manufacturer has 3 lines of flavors: Air, Water, Earth. Soon there will be Fire.
We are interested in their strong tobacco – this is the Earth. The tobacco is above medium strength. There are 36 flavors in the Earth’s palette. The tobacco is smoked quite well without any discomfort, and at the right temperature it opens up as much as possible.
Top tastes from consumers:

  • ekzo
  • cookie monster
  • pomelo-grapefruit
  • raspberry
  • mango
  • cactus fig

Good price for a strong hookah, good taste, good heat resistance
Tastes get bored very quickly.

Next on our list is tobacco – NAШ
Packages 40g – 275r and 100g – 650r. Blend Burleigh + Virginia. Manufacturer Russia.
There are now about 25 flavors in the palette. NASH is a fairly new product on the tobacco market. Possesses a comfortable strength.
Top from consumers:

  • Garnet
  • persian pastries
  • strawberry
  • waffles
  • oasis
  • raspberries

Smoking mildness, very convenient packing 40g in jars with spherical bottom
On some tastes, the aroma does not fit well (the taste disappears after 20-30 minutes), in some tastes the strength quickly leaves (only some)
For a beginner, very good entry into the market and their sales are constantly growing.

Let’s summarize the second part of the article. In my opinion, the Top is Spectrum. The tobacco is smoked comfortably, the aroma of tobacco unfolds well. For those who like to smoke something not standard, this tobacco will definitely suit. Spectrum is, in my opinion, one of the leaders in gastronomic tastes.


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