Sarma 360 – new packaging / Hoob – Pyro 2.0 / Shisha Messe 2024

The strong Sarma 360 is now big. The top flavors of the strong line are now packaged in 250g.

currently available flavors: Watermelon + Christmas Tree, Elderberry, Raspberry Cherry, Passion Fruit, Pomelo Grapefruit, Kiwi, Soda lychee, Feijoa.

Hoob showed the heat controller Pyro 2.0, in a new, black color. The standard materials are Stainless steel.

P.S: There’s not much news this month, but the heat controllers seemed to get a second wind)

In addition, we remind you that in a month the Shisha Messe exhibition will be held in Frankfurt for the 11th time.

#heat controller
#Shisha Messe


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