Maklaud — Nosferatu

The new hookah model from Maklaud — Nosferatu , as always, the guys created a whole story for the announcement:

«Our hands, isn’t it the second miracle of the world that we forget about, praising the heart, mind… soul?

Last of all, we create a plan, create an idea, goals somewhere deep inside.

But what created everything that we see directly…What are the great symphonies, paintings, and books written with? Don’t we tenderly embrace our loved ones with our hand and destroy those we hate?

In the right hands, we say… and, conversely, we laugh at those who have them «from the wrong place.» Some hands create, others bring destruction and pain.. We decided to start from the bottom.

Why? It’s simple: real geniuses create «in silence, not in glory,» and let their great sculptural tools remain untouched… especially by our vicious views.

Let’s look at those who control impure intentions.

With deep respect for your depravity…»

#New hookah


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