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A gigantic case welcomes us, I’m sure that those who see it will think that we carry something precious and valuable. This is a case with a high carrying capacity that allows you to carry all your hookah equipment together while traveling.






Something must be said about the bottle, I can say that Caesar Crystal Bohemiae, which is my favorite hookah bottle manufacturer in the world, reflects Czech crystal glass work best. Afterwards, I find the glasses used in Aeon very niche both in terms of shape and technique. All of the glass used in Aeon is handcrafted with blown glass technique, so no bottles are alike. The FROZEN BLIZZARD model that I’m currently using is a matte touch model made with a sandblasting technique called Magic glass.



When we move on to the body, a really complex system greets us. There are 4 evacuation channels and 4 APS channels under the body. The drain contains glass balls inside, thanks to a screwed cover. Since these glass balls are heavier than plastic balls, they enable the team to evacuate more identity during the evacuation. The 4 holes in the evacuation are divided into 2 thanks to the channel created inside and allows it to evacuate through 8 holes in total. Since the drain is located inside the body, it discharges discreetly when the serpipe is attached. If you want, you can buy different sleeves and change the appearance and the outlet direction of the discharge.


Here is the biggest feature that distinguishes this hookah from other hookahs APS (AEON PURGE SYSYTEM). When you look at the 4 outlets on the hookah hub, these outlets create a perception as if the evacuations are made from these parts, but it doesn’t give an independent hookah experience. There are 4 parts in each outlet. These 4 parts, inner ring with bottom hole. The carrier part consists of spring and glass ball. Thanks to this system patented by Aeon, each hookah entrance can be independent from each other. As the perforated ring is tightened, the spring tightens and the glass ball is fixed inside. In this way, you can cancel the evacuation. As the perforated ring loosens, the movement area of ​​the 

spring increases and the glass ball moves more easily inside, so you can evacuate more comfortably. You can use this system, which allows 4 people to smoke hookah at the same time, as 4 different hookahs used in different profiles. For example, while canceling the drain in one, you can set a stiffer drain in the other and set the other as a comfortable drain and experience different hookah experiences from each outlet.

ITS PERFORMANCE- At the same time, Aeon hasn’t forgotten the classical drinkers in this model, and thanks to a piece, he narrowed the shooting area and made a fuller drink. What I like most about Aeon is that it has a really unique inner identity and it makes you feel the bubbling while smoking hookah due to the movement of the glass ball inside during shooting. This makes you feel a very special drink. This kit is compared to Steamulation Pro, but I disagree on this. Yes, both of them may be the flagships of their brands, but both have a very different identity for them.

VARIATION- Before I forget, I will give you a magnificent detail about this set. As you know, you can use this hookah only with this bottle. However, the Aeon team, who has seen that the Russians have fueled the market in recent days, allows it to be used with all Russian glasses on the market thanks to a piece. This is truly an innovative move. This is really a hookah set that shows how well the hookah industry is doing in the hookah industry. This is truly an example of how far Germans can go in Engineering. I really applaud AEON in a standing position.

CONS- Let’s come to some disadvantages. The biggest problem in German hookah sets is that the hose and silicone hose do not come out of the box. Never forget that this will happen to you when you buy the team, I can say that Russians are more successful in these matters. However, the fact that the Germans also sell their hookah sets, especially with glass, compensates for this advantage of the Russians.


The weight of this hookah is 8 and a half kilos, I can say that it is a really heavy and bulky set.

v2a 104 305 ie 303 Steel is used, but I remind you again 303 This steel is preferred because it is easier to process steel than 304 steel.

As a spare part, I would like to have spares of the glass ball, especially in the box.

Tray, I would love to see more craftsmanship in such a flamboyant suit.

Sleeve in Turkey, catcher and accessories such as a lance really hard to reach.


PRICE- The price of this team, which is sold in Germany at a price of 400euro, that is 3400 TL

3300 TL in Turkey


I hope it has been an article that you will enjoy reading. Bon appetit to all of you. Take care of yourself and  remember, friends, hookah is ours.




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