Overview Ziggy – one of Brazil’s most popular brands.

Smoky hello, hookah athletes!

We continue to immerse you in the hot, exotic world of southern countries and today we’re going to tell you about Brazilian brand ZIGGY, which started in 2018 and is currently considered one of the most popular brands in Brazil.

The guys sent us a huge box to review, so buckle up – we’re starting!

Ziggy – Fresh Acai 

Flavor – 4/5, sweet and sour berry flavor, with a slight spiciness and a lot of menthol, sometimes unusual notes appear.

Richness – 4/5, stable, lasts a long time!

Ziggy – Burley Mint

Flavor – 5/5, cool menthol, not quite mint, similar to holls candy as well! Strongly refreshing.

Richness – 4/5, natural, candy-like.

Ziggy – Fresh Lemon

Flavor – 4/5, sweet lemon flavor with refreshing zest and a little bit of menthol.

Richness – 4/5, natural!

Ziggy – Cherry Starburst

Flavor – 1/5, unpalatable, huge overdose of menthol, aftertaste of tar or rubber.

Richness – 2/5, cherry somewhere far away, but bright menthol.

Ziggy – Tropical

Flavor – 4/5, pineapple, mango, some bubblegum, overall not bad

Richness – 3/5, gets lost somewhere, no expression.

Ziggy – Berry

Flavor – 3/5, something incomprehensible, reminiscent of bubblegum.

Richness – 3/5, good for this flavor, if it were brighter it would be worse.

Ziggy – Watermelon Bomb

Flavor – 4/5, good watermelon and mint.

Richness – 3/5, grassy, moderately bright watermelon.

Ziggy, Mix (Line) – Duas maçãs verdes

Flavor – 2/5, rubbery with an apple flavor and a huge amount of menthol.

Richness – 3/5, moderately bright, not enough apple!

Ziggy – Manga Tropical

Flavor – 4/5, something referring to Pina Colada, accented with mango and mint!

Richness – 4/5, beautiful!

Ziggy x Sakamoto – Red Lemonade 

Flavor – 3/5, strong menthol flavor, but you can feel the red tea, fruit behind.

Richness – 3/5, lacks the stated flavor.

Ziggy – Yogurt

Flavor – 4/5, not bad yogurt, a bit like chewy candy, but you should be aware of the strong menthol.

Richness – 4/5, good, balanced

Ziggy – Hapocalyx Mint.

Flavor – 5/5, cool menthol again, not quite mint, also similar to lollipop holls or even rondo! Strongly refreshing.

Richness – 4/5, natural, candy-like.

Ziggy – Abacaxi Tropical.

Flavor – 4/5, refreshing pineapple, and of course mint, which is no longer surprising The coconut aftertaste comes after a while.

Richness is 3/5, a little lacking.

Ziggy – Frutas amarelas.

Flavor – 4/5, delicious! A kind of tropical mishmash that will be nice to smoke in the heat on the beach.

Richness – 4/5, would have liked to see a more intense aroma.

Ziggy – Morango e laranja

Flavor – 4/5, classic mix of strawberry and orange that takes you back to a time of bright youth 🥹

Richness – 4/5, the menthol is balanced here.

Ziggy – Duas goiabas

Flavor – 5/5, tart, ripe and sweet guava, very tasty solo, also performs well in mixes.

Richness – 5/5, moderately juicy, moderately delicate, it’s a treat!

Ziggy – Yellow starburst

Flavor – 4/5, nice passion fruit with sourness, but menthol is quite strong.

Richness – 4/5, it would be much better if you didn’t feel your veins getting cold when you inhale


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