Hooligan X El Copitas Collaboration Review 🔥

Good day everyone!

The presentation of new Hooligan flavors has just thundered, and now it’s our turn to appreciate them

Three flavors have been released, each in two strength ranges:




1) MEX – we didn’t think anyone would get a non-soapy blackberry, so we were wary of this flavor.

The result was a blackberry lemonade flavored with lime juice, the alcohol is guessed because of the name.

Flavor – 5/5,

Richness – 5/5

2) HARD MEX – not bad, but not as versatile as the light version.

here we still have ripe blackberries and lime, but we didn’t find any alcoholic component  

Flavor – 3/5,

Richness – 4/5

3) BA – our homage to the team of Hooligan and El Copitas!

Is a very flavorful and tart dessert that is really close to the original.

Flavor – 5/5,

Richness – 5/5

4) HARD BA – the flavorists and bartenders have created a great bouquet of spices, dessert and alcohol that just blend together incredibly well

I can feel spicy rum, but not stuffy, as it often happens + not so obvious, but still feel biscuit/dough, which I would like more of according to my personal feelings.

Flavor – 5/5,

Richness – 5/5

5) POOL – the most unusual flavor from the collab in terms of versatility! Different heat, smoking, piling and other factors produce different results: somewhere sourness prevails, somewhere drinkability, somewhere fruity component.

Flavor – 5/5,

Richness – 4/5

6) HARD POOL – a great flavor for mass-market, something in the spirit of hooligan Panama.

Sour fruity lemonade with guava, perfect for summer!

Flavor – 4/5,

Richness- 4/5

shake your maracas, brothers and sisters!


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