No one coal brand can provide consistent quality – myth or truth?

Colleagues, today we publish a useful article for owners of hookah lounge.
Can the quality of coal be stable? Good charcoal – what is it like? We asked manufacturers about this.

They were asked the following questions:

1.Tell us about your brand and what countries are you represented in?
2.Can you list a few indicators of coal quality?
3.The owners of hookah lounge say that it often happens that they used one brand of coal stably and everything was good, but then the quality of this coal suddenly fell apart and they switched to another brand. What do you think about this?
4.Do you agree with the statement: no brand of coal can provide 100% of the same quality in every delivery
5.If the owner of a hookah parlor has found out the changes in quality of coal they are used to use for the worse, do you think it is worth to choose another brand?
6. What actions should the owners of hookah lounge in this case?

Bau Bau -Company manager Artem answers the questions




1.Bau Bau coal brand was born in 2016. Today the brand is represented in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia.

2.Coal is of high quality if it does not pierce, does not go out, does not crumble, has a small amount of ash, gives a lot of heat.

3. It is normal practice for hookah lounge to use different manufacturers of coal. Any hookah bar might change several manufacturers during one year of work. And it is normal situation. Coal is a product, the quality of which depends on many factors and it cannot always be stable by definition.

4.If different supplies were made from the same raw materials and the same ingredients, the quality may be the same. It depends on the frequency of deliveries. If a manufacturer brings in coal every month, then the quality of the batches can be the same.

5.You have to ask him. If a producer has already set up a scheme of work with one producer, delivery, order of payment, the buyer is familiar with the manager and the whole chain works well, and a shoddy batch arrived in the hookah room, then first it makes sense to ask for a replacement coal, and if the system is bad coal, then of course it makes sense to replace the supplier.

6.Contact the manufacturer with the problem

BigMaks-Maxim, the company’s manufacturer, answers questions

Уголь Big Maks для калауда

1.Today BigMaks is a large wholesale company which sells its products in more than 25 countries worldwide. Our products are actively sold not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in Europe, as well as in the West and the East.

2.Yes, I can name the main indicators of good coal:

– The density/porosity/weight of the coal;

– odor at combustion;

– the color of the ash;

– The absence of the taste of charcoal when smoking;

– heat output;

– smoldering time

3.There is no such thing with our coal, and not only our customers, but also our competitors will confirm it. If the owners of our hookah houses started using BigMaks charcoal, it’s a long time coming. Since we chose a reliable manufacturer in 2016 – I am not ashamed to my clients for any delivery.

4.I agree that it is difficult to provide always the same quality coal as it depends on many factors such as: weather conditions, harvest/no harvest, rainy season which lasts 7-8 months in Indonesia, shortage of good raw materials, etc.

BUT! If you have a reliable supplier of raw materials and people who are responsible for the quality of the product made in Indonesia, the likelihood of a stable supply of good quality coal increases dramatically.

5.I think he should talk to the seller and replace the shoddy batch of goods, but if the seller refuses to do so, you need to punish him with a ruble and buy a similar product elsewhere. I always do this.

6.Contact the manufacturer with the problem

TOM COCO-Andreas, the company’s manufacturer, answers questions

Уголь для кальяна Tom Coco Gold 1кг 72 шт. TOM COCO 15208625 купить в интернет-магазине Wildberries

1.TOM COCO was the first brand to offer coconut briquettes for hookah.
devices. 1987 began with the first container to Germany.
Now TOM COCO is represented in more than 50 countries.

2.As for the use of settings, the quality indicators are more or less important.
There is also the badga head, aluminum foil and several heat control systems.
Inquiries for the following topics of quality change. Like there is ash composition, hardness, consistency of strength, cut, smell while heating coals or the effect of tobacco flavor.

3.Coconut briquettes are natural products, and must meet the requirements of
industrial products.
Several factors affect the quality of the products, as there are different sources of
raw materials from all over Indonesia, which implies different ash colors, ash content, fixed carbon, volatile substances and so on.
Without the use of any chemical ingredients and production based only on natural materials should be of excellent quality.
The question arises: are the differences a characteristic of different qualities or is it?
Human perception, which does not tolerate it.
For example, if we talk about the color ash: in fact, there are almost all variations
colors from chocolate to gray to black to white.
There is no difference in quality in terms of performance on the bong,
but the human eye can’t tolerate that.
Of course, there are also differences in important performance indicators, such as
ashiness, power or hardness. This is a natural product.

4.I agree – since there is no such thing as an industrial product as an automotive, electronic
Or any other machine or device that can do this.

5.This way of thinking is totally normal and understandable.Nevertheless, switching to a different brand is no guarantee of an improved product. It is always worth complaining to the distributor/manufacturer. Then you can find out how well the complaint management works.

6.Contact the manufacturer with the problem at hand

Cocoloco-Andrey, the company’s manufacturer, answers questions

Купить уголь для кальяна COCOLOCO 25 кубик (72 штуки) в магазине FOHM

1.Cocoloco company – the leading manufacturer of charcoal for hookah smoking in Russia and abroad. We produce a qualitatively new product that contains no chemical additives and consists of 100% natural ingredients.

The countries in which we actively work: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Greece.

The countries where we just started working: Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Estonia, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and many others, where key partners are still to be determined.


-The amount of ash up to 2.4%

-Burning time from 90 minutes

-Burning temperature from 700 degrees

3.The same product can not be 100% identical, even Rolls Royce has recalls. Of course all manufacturers have their own regulations on finished products and quality control. Another thing is how companies respond to recalls from their end users. For example, we are proud of the fact that we have less than 1% of defects per the volume of manufactured products. Therefore we give a guarantee for our product and if the client is not satisfied with something we do the replacement or refund the money in full including delivery.

4.There will always be differences, but within acceptable norms.

5.Everyone has the right to get the best for his money. As the saying goes: “Everything is learned by comparison”, so you should try it to make an objective decision when choosing a supplier.

6.Contact the manufacturer with the problem at hand

ARRA-Dmitriy, the company’s manufacturer, answers questions

Уголь для кальяна Arra 96 шт. (22 мм) купить в Санкт-Петербурге

1.To make a long story short, ARRA coal has been on the Russian market since the fall of 2016.

2.Indicators of the quality of coal is a good question. Each consumer decides for himself what is important for him. The signs are subjective, but of the key:

– ash, its quantity;

-burning temperature;

-burning time.

3.Yes, indeed, such situations occur and institutions are forced to look for new suppliers. Many factors, no one is immune to such a failure. A long time ago we were faced with something like this, here comes to mind the phrase: “What does not kill us, makes us stronger. This situation was a good experience, which was aimed at preventing a repetition of such a thing in the future.

4.Yes, you are right about that. To get 100% of the same quality in every shipment is difficult but not impossible. As I said before, there are many factors. Our job is to do our best not to disappoint our partners.

5. Everyone decides for himself. But as practice shows we are often approached by new establishments for the reason you mentioned.

6.It is worth writing to the manufacturer / manager. This will be enough to forget about the problems with coal.

Cocourth-George, the company’s manufacturer, answers questions

Уголь кокосовый CocoUrth Flat » S2B

1.In 2015, we decided to go and work with the largest leading producers of coconut shell briquettes for shisha in Indonesia, some of which have more than 30 years of experience in charcoal production.
However, when we noticed the increase in demand and the lack of integrity and quality control from third party suppliers, in 2017 we decided to invest in our own factory “PT COCOURTH INDONESIA” to meet the needs of our customers with the highest quality charcoal.

2.The quality indicator of charcoal is determined by the following characteristics :

ash content, moisture content
volatile matter
Fixed carbon
ash color
drop test

3.Yes, this can happen. But this fluctuation in quality is expected to be at a certain percentage level, as long as it is within the norm. This average variation from the norm is acceptable to us because we can’t control external factors because of raw material availability. Every brand in the world has some variation between one container and another. After all, it’s not an automated process, it’s a natural process. And that means that without the introduction of external chemicals affecting the nature of the material at hand, it is impossible to get 100% consistency at any given time. The characteristics of the raw material, vary from island to island. And it is almost impossible to always provide the same consistency even from the same source because of all the natural factors that can affect the quality of such

4.Yes, as explained in the previous question, no producer can guarantee the same production 100% at all times. One important factor, as a manufacturer, is trying to maintain the same quality within world acceptable briquette standards.

5.No, because changing brands does not guarantee consistency of that newer brand, especially that most brands, if not 99% of them in the world found, do not operate their own factories overseas and continue to produce charcoal with various third party manufacturers depending on availability.

6.A hookah shop/installation should always have an average range to accept the quality of charcoal provided, and should not judge quality from just one batch. Because once the brand is established to be consistent, even if the store encounters a problem with a certain batch, it should be certain that the brand in question will return with optimum quality once again. Of course, as long as the quality is average or above, and not below expected world standards. This will be the decisive factor that distinguishes a successful brand from another.

Qoco Turbo-Evgeny, the company’s manufacturer, answers questions

Купить уголь Уголь QOCO Turbo 72 куб. по выгодной цене - «Про Табак»

1.Qoco Turbo hookah coal has been produced in Indonesia since 2018. Our production differs from all other manufacturers in that we have a full production cycle. We buy raw shells and end up with charcoal briquettes. Full production cycle gives us the opportunity to control all processes as much as possible. Moreover, on one of the important parts of production, and this is getting directly to coal, or in scientific term Carbonization, we use progressive modern pyrolysis furnaces which are controlled by operator on PC, that gives us maximal accuracy and stability.

2.The main indicators of good quality coal: high carbon 85+, slightly detectable odor, not a lot of ash, not stale. If all this is present, it will be a good heat and long combustion.

3.Deliveries of coal from different brands are not stable, precisely for the reason that manufacturers buy ready-made coals in the form of fired shells and make them into briquettes, and this is actually a pig in a poke, moreover, they buy from different suppliers today one for one tomorrow for others and all have different technology methods of production. Accordingly, there is no stability is not talking about. So there are also other areas where the manufacturer manages to “screw up” such as not finish drying the coal and use a fraction of coal that is not suitable for the production, to add to the weight and volume of something or other, such as regular wood charcoal. That’s the owners of hookah houses switch from one to the other then return from those from whom they left.

4.I agree that not one coal in every delivery can not be 100% of the same quality.

5.The owners of hookah lounge are different – there are loyal and there are more impulsive, if the problem with the quality of coal is not significant, then you should probably talk to the supplier or manufacturer and wait for the next batch, and if the coal is of terrible quality, it is wise to find a replacement, so as not to disappoint your guests

6. contact the manager or the manufacturer directly


UgleRoad-Company manager Vladislav answers the questions 

1.We are a company that produces coconut charcoal, as well as premium carbon hookahs and accessories UgleRoad. We are represented with our products in Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia and a number of European countries.

2.High-quality charcoal is made from carefully crushed coconut shells, tapioca and water. It should give a high smoldering temperature for a long time and therefore not too much ash. In addition, the size should be clearly as stated, though often it is not.

3.Of course, it happens, because the production of coal in most factories is not a high-tech process. In addition, if one batch was produced in ideal conditions, when the right shells and tapioca were available and the weather was sunny, then the next batch may be different. The process of delivery of the container by sea can also influence the product which will arrive on the shelves, because, having changed 3-4 container ships and having passed through two oceans for 35 days, the cargo will change climatic zones and will be exposed to bad weather, which can have consequences if the container was not in the hold.

4.Uniform quality is hard to achieve firstly because of the rainy season in Indonesia. This makes the drying process very difficult, and consequently the cube could leave moisture in it even after 30 hours in the oven. Secondly, the strictest control is required in the production, because, being distracted for just a few hours, it is possible to stop the line and throw out the manufactured products. So in our production for a few hours was produced coal size 20 mm, and no one paid attention to it. Third is logistics, and I wrote about it earlier.

5.Owners of hookah lounge always need to keep an ear to the ground and clearly understand what kind of production comes to manufacturers. But if you’ve been happily working with one for a long time, it’s worth giving a second chance. You may be able to get products from a different batch, so you get a quality product, and you won’t have to make new mistakes with new suppliers and products.

6.Listen to your heart and count the money. It is possible that there is a high quality product which is slightly cheaper, and at a distance of a year this difference will already be in the tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles.



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